11 June 2007

Pad Thai-style, Cashew Noodles with Fresh Cilantro and Green Onions

Tonight was one of my favorites. Admittedly I did use a tin of anchovies, so technically this wouldn't be considered a full-on vegetarian meal, but it was darn close. And I'm assuming most people reading this are, like us, 'flexitarian.'

There were a number of alterations I made to a basic Pad Thai dish. I omited tamarind paste, because it's not exactly available in my part of Podunk. I also subbed in cashew butter for the peanuts and coconut and flaxseed oils for the peanut oil(we're peanut free), a tin of anchovies for the fish paste (I haven't found a good GF fish paste yet), and the typical tree-hugger healthy options wherever terrible stuff like white sugar was called for. Here's the recipe:

GF PAD THAI-Style Noodles

1/2 c evaporated cane juice

1/2 c rice wine vinegar

1/4 c GF soy sauce (we use Bragg's aminos)

2 tbsp ketchup (don't ask)

1 tin anchovies

2 tsp sea salt

1 Tbsp paprika

1 full cup cashew butter

1 pound package asian rice noodles.

1/2 c cocounut oil (or mixture coconut oil and flaxseed oil)

4 eggs

one bunch green/spring onions, sliced thin (save the green parts for the garnish)

1 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped.

Boil a pot of water. Set noodles in boiling water, cover, turn the heat off, and let sit for 8 minutes. Drain.

While noodles are cooking, in a small saucepan heat all ingredients down to the cashew butter, making sure to whisk them til smooth.

Meanwhile heat the oil and saute the white parts of the spring onions. Add 4 eggs (beaten) and scramble thoroughly.

Dump the egg mixture in the drained noodles and mix. POur the sauce over the noodles and distribute into bowls. Top with a little fresh green onion and cilantro and serve.

sooo good.

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