29 June 2007

I'm playing Catch Up Tonight...and the accidental vegan??

and posting all the lurvely recipes that have been milling about in my head (and our kitchen).

We've had an abominably busy few weeks, which explains the blog-negligence.

However, there is some interesting news on the home front:

We've decided to call June "National what-the-heck-do-you-do-with-kale??? Month"... because my farm share of kale this last month was ridiculously generous. Hence all of the million and one kale-containing-or-based recipes I'll be posting tonight.

The Carnivore's gone Vegetarian...let me amplify and modify that.
The Carnivore had decided to stop buying beef (the price was too high), we'd already stopped eating pork, and suddenly he announced this week that he doesn't like chicken (except in a great while) and could we please stop buying it often...
So right now we're down to meat once a week -- fish and lamb and a once every blue moon chicken.

Amazing what frugality can do for ya.

For instance, tonight he ate a lentil-cake curry. Amazing.

I think I'm going to have a heart attack.

But that's probably jsut from all the cheese I've consumed this month.

Speaking of which: We've reduced our egg consumption from 5 dozen per week to 1 dozen and begun using flaxseed. (organic eggs can bankrupt you at that rate).

We've dropped dairy milk (at least for now) because I won't pay 7$ a gallon for raw, local, organic. The last month we've been on soy.

And we're doing other changes

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