20 September 2007

So tired...

I haven't been posting much lately.

It's because my schedule hasn't really permitted it. I remember a time when I could spend hours typing fanfiction and blog updates and not even blink. The past two weeks haven't been anything like that.

My apologies.

I've got tons of great recipes languishing in my camera's eye, waiting to be blogged about. But for now, I'm sitting tight and trying to hang on even tighter. My guess is that tomorrow I'll be able to navigate to a shoal on the rapids of paperwork long enough to actually post something.

Thanks for your patience!

1 comment:

Sea said...

Hi Naomi,
I know the feeling... I too have been tired... and schedules have been making life way less fun than it was. :( Ah well, this too will pass, and we will have time to blog someday! Looking forward to your perogies. It's punkin season!