22 June 2007

Childhood-Favorite Sandwiches for Grown Ups

Tonight, having eaten a very heavy lunch (on our day off we usually go out to eat), I decided to have something light, like sandwiches.

Grilled (sometimes called toasted) Cheese and Pb&J Sandwiches have always been big hits in the house, so I decided to make them a bit more sophisticated:

Grilled Cheese For Grownups
I substituted the ubiquitous white bread for a nice, Sunflower Seed-Caraway Bread and used San Juaquin Cheese instead of the vile and often-glutened processed American Cheese. Of course I used real butter.

A big surprise was that San Juaquin, which tastes like a cross between extra-sharp cheddar and parmesean when cold, turns into a soft, stringy, brie-flavoured delight when toasted.

Peanut-Free Pb&J
We've dropped all peanut products from our house, so I substituted natural, unsweetened cashew butter for the peanut butter, and Faux Wheat Toast for the white bread, which made this sandwich a little smokier and hearty.

And then there was Salad...
I wanted a very light salad, so I used butter crunch lettuce and spring onions with a very light dressing -- nothing more, really, than some Ume Plum Vinegar, diluted with water, a few shakes of sesame oil, and some gingerroot. This was an amazing contrast to the smoky flavours of the sanwiches.
Everyone was rather pleased, might I say.

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