04 August 2007

All Right.... hang on tight!

I'm going to be posting a lot of recipes tomorrow:

Vegan, Raw cheesecake (tastes like girl scout samoas, yum! at least to me)

A Pizza Recipe.

A Raw, vegan Pizza recipe review. And the really good supreme pizza salad that came out of that disaster.

A nice pepper slaw

a recipe for Extreme PB&J (you'll have to wait and see what that one is)

Chips Ideas

I've decided to make several kinds of the same dish (regular vegetarian and raw vegan) at the same time, mostly to see if it can be done (to have similar tastes with different techniques), but also because I DEFINITELY cannot have dairy (MIGRAINES!!!) ugh...the mouring ove rthe lost cheese is unbelievable.

Granted, I can have mozarella...but might as well try new things, while I can, right?

I'm also trying a new, raw, vegan Fruity Pebbles recipe, and I'll let you knwo how it goes, once it's finished dehydrating.

Dunno how long I'll be in the mood to cook this much (raw food has crazy prep times attached, in general... like 4 hours for a single pizza, ugh)

I'd post tonight, but really.... I'm toast. Too much dehydrating and cooking for one day. Seriously.

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