20 October 2007

Gluten Free Menu Swap... a spiffing idea!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

I'm posting my first menu for the Gluten Free Menu Swap. Hope I don't screw it up, lol.
I'll post my veggie meals here and all my other recipes over at Better Batter.
Okay, here goes:

Week of October 22, I'm making...

M Garlic-Basil Dinner Loaves with Artichoke heart and Fontinella Cheese Filling

T A Super-Easy Dal (with apple! You heard right....apple) with Naan

W Black-Bean and Pumpkin Soup

T Hot Mess (Aka Hunter's Breakfast)

F Mexican Stuffed Peppers

S I'm leaving Free to Try Your Recipes!
S I'm leaving free to Try Your Recipes!

This week's menu swap is hosted by Mrs. G.F.
Stop in and give her your love!


Anonymous said...

mmmm... those look good. I hope you're post some of the recipes. My family has been vegetarian for a little over a year. We were going to try a thirty day experiment, but we were hooked by Day 3. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Sea said...

Naan... mmm. I hope you'll be posting your naan recipe. :) Dinner loaves- is this some kind of super yummy, fancy bread recipe? I can't wait!