17 May 2007

Day 2: Chinese Food

Today is the Carnivore's day off, which means we go out, as a family, for lunch.

Naturally, there are very few gluten-free-friendly places we can go, so we usually settle for our usual, which happens to be the local chinese restaurant.

Baby Smurf and I had sushi -- mostly the vegetarian options (seaweeds of different sorts and tofu variations), though we each ate our favorite sashimi, in the end, because it was there, and we'd already paid for it. We finished off the meal with some lichies in a little ice-cream.

The Carnivore had chicken, chicken, chicken with some kind of sauce on it, chicken and pineapple, and some tapioca pudding. I guess he's making up for the Cauliflower Fiasco.

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Jess said...

i adore sushi and sashimi. when are you putting out a cook book? i will SO do the layout, graphics and editing for you. we'll be gazillionaires.